Top 5 Must-Do when you have 24 hours in Pulau Ketam, Klang 

One does not need to travel far to enjoy the serenity and tranquility of life especially when you just have 24 hours since some of the hours are spent on doing house chores, meeting friends, visiting parents at home and etc.

Tucked in a corner of Klang where you need to commute using a boat, Pulau Ketam could be a place where you can leave your stress behind and enjoy the simple life there. Children were seen to run and play along the two main streets while the elder generation was enjoying their authentic breakfast in some kopitiams while talking to friends in Hokkien dialect were some of the common sights in Pulau Ketam. Not forgetting, having tourists alike who tried their level best in adapting the way of life in Pulau Ketam by cycling.

When you go to Pulau Ketam, here's a list of what you can and must do:-

1. Eat Fried Ice Cream

Somehow or rather, the locals there sell very good fried ice cream. Or maybe, it was partly due to the hot weather there. Anyhow, I had 3 fried ice creams from chocolate, vanilla to yam flavor, in just less than 24 hours.

2. Take on a boat ride and visit Fish Farm

Thanks to our friend’s relatives who were willing to bring us out on a boat ride. Instead of hopping on a big fisherman boat, we went on a modern sampan. Call us adventurous, we did not put on the safety jacket and sailed right to the middle of the sea, not knowing where we were. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the experience where our faces were slapped with the strong winds and our hairs were all messed up.


As soon as we arrived, we were feasted with different species of fishes and how the fishes were being fed. The end result of visiting the fish farm was just so-so but the experience of hopping on a modern sampan meant the most.

3. Walk around in the village…. It is not that big after all

Behaving like locals who have resided there for years, we strolled around and even visited some of our friends’ relatives. We went to the temples, saw one large snake and visited the large ice cubes factory. Instead of walking, many would have chosen to ride on a bicycle. Lady luck was with me that my friend’s relative decided to give me a ride using her motorized bicycle; all I need to do was just to enjoy the scenery.

4. Eat, eat and eat

I am so embarrassed to say this but guess what; in less than 24 hours in Pulau Ketam, I gained 3kg. Yes, you see this right, 3kg, thanks to the continuous eating from the moment we stepped on this island until we bid farewell to this place.


You wouldn’t be able to imagine the amount of food that I stuffed my tummy with; let me share with you what I had!

Fried Oh-Chien (RM15 per plate)

Fried Lala-Chien (RM10 per plate)

Pork Porridge (RM7.00) - must try; very rich in flavour!

Claypot Ray Fish

Fried Soft Shell Prawns in Thai Sauce - must-try as it is quite difficult to come across this dish

Chicken Burger

Must-try!! Chicken patty was fried first before it got grilled and enveloped with egg. 

Fried Prawn Fritters

Seaweed Soup with Fish Balls

Kam Heong crabs

I had “7 Geh” too. According to the local, 7 Geh is made from porridge and rice flour; it is only available in Pulau Ketam. Taste-wise, I find it quite similar to Chi Hun Keng (Fried Tapioca Noodle). The difference is gravy and sauce.


5. Just enjoy like the locals there

What I love Pulau Ketam the most is no other than the neighborhood and kampung spirit among the locals; they know every single one who lives there and security is the least concern in this area. They are not worried about theft at all! Such a peaceful life!


However, there's one that one needs to take note about Pulau Ketal is the hygiene of this place, Apparently, all poops go directly to the “pulau” and that’s why the water is never in blue or green color. And you will notice that the plants by the river are extremely green and healthy, probably thanks to the poops that man has contributed.