What to Know during Labor?

Ini kalilah!! Here are the tips for expecting mums during labor: #1 Some mothers experience contraction pain in their stomach but some experience back pains. #2 Focus on your breathing. Find something that is therapeutic, for instance, pray, listen to music, or talk to your spouse. #3 Epidural is injected into the spine directly and this has to be performed by an anaesthesiologist. #4 Surprisingly, you will not feel the pain after delivery, despite that the doctor and nurses suture the wound. #5 Must-bring items during labor

Pregnancy Journey - What Happen in the Third Trimester?

It was the time where you received lots of advice to start prepping and welcome your newborn. I heard them a lot, but it did not push me to get things prepared until I was in my Week 34. That was when I started to look for the basic necessities for labor, confinement, and of course, welcoming the newborn into our life. Here are the tips for expecting mums in the third trimester: #1 Do not overeat. Eat in moderation. #2 You can only gain 500gm per week, 2kg per month. Not more than that. #3 Monitor your hemoglobin count seriously. #4 Get your Tetanus jab if you have not gotten one in your third trimester. #5 Count the number of times that baby kicks. #6 Build the chemistry with your gynecology.

5 Tips for First-Time Parents in the SecondTrimester

Congratulations, you survived the first trimester! Now that you master the 5 tips to know in the first trimester, it’s time to welcome the second trimester. Here are the top 5 must know for first-time parents in the second trimester: #1 Second trimester is the best! Enjoy it while you can. #2 If you have a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, and hypertension, you would need to drink glucose water twice during your pregnancy. #3 Must have the chemistry between you and the gynae. If you can’t find one, just continue looking. #4 Plan early and make a booking for your labor (even though you may still have a few months to go). #5 Detailed scanning must be done between Week 18 - 21.

5 Tips for First-Time Parents in the First Trimester

Little did we know or in any expectation to welcome this little bundle of joy this year. When I found out that I was pregnant, I was already in my Week 8 or 9. It was quite late for me to find out but, the whole MCO caught me off-guard. Anyway, here are the top 5 must know for first-time parents in the first trimester: #1 Must confirm that you are pregnant first using pregnancy kit test #2 Expecting mums are required to do blood test and urine test while your blood pressure and body weight will be monitored each time you visit the clinic. #3 Must open a pink book in Klinik Kesihatan regardless of where your labor is, be it in a private or public hospital. #4 Doctor in Klinik Kesihatan will only do the ultrasound scanning when you are in Week 9 or 10. #5 Not everyone experiences the same symptoms, ie. Morning sickness

The Pandemic Has Been A Blessing In Disguise For My Marriage

As I write this while sitting on my cosy sofa in the living room, my husband is in the kitchen, preparing and cooking dinner. It has been about eight months since the COVID-19 pandemic took over our lives. And we have been bombarded with so many unfortunate news - from how tens of thousands of Malaysians have lost their jobs to how retailers are struggling to keep their business afloat. The issue is becoming worse amidst the spike in COVID-19 cases lately. Although we may face uncertain times ahead due to the unstable economy and the political turmoil in the country, we must also take this chance to reflect on the good things in our life. Admittedly, I must say that COVID-19 has been a blessing in disguise for my marriage.

You Can Now Get Wall’s Viennetta, One of the Most ‘ATAS’ Ice Cream in Village Grocer

Unlike your typical ice-cream, Wall’s Viennetta comes with multiple and beautiful layers of ice cream (depending on the flavours that you opted) that make it a perfect ‘ice-cream cake’ serving with sinful chocolate chips in between. The true luxury of having this ice cream is to cut them into rectangular pieces and enjoy it with your loved ones while watching your favorite movies together rather than scooping them into a nicely shaped ball. Wall's Viennetta is sold at RM36.90 for one box.

3 Challenges Guys in Relationships Will Face When Comes to February 2020

Just when you thought that you are done entertaining your aunties, uncles, and grandparents who love to ask you during Chinese New Year, ‘Ah Boy, do you have a girlfriend?’, ‘When are you planning to get married?’, “Still don’t want a baby?’, your next dilemma will soon hit you since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. So, what are the 3 challenges that you are about to face?

8 Must-Have Dishes in this Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is not over yet and we are ready to feast for more. As the old adage says, eating the right food is important in this festive season as it will shower us with abundance and good fortune all year-long. And here are the must-have 8 dishes in this Chinese New Year. Without any of it, it just feels that something is missing. They are Prosperity Yee Sang, Fish, Prawns, Chicken, Pork, Tang Yuan, Noodles and Poon Choy.

Magnolia - Building strong value with good customer service

If you happen to come across this in your ice cream tub, fret not as Magnolia has done lots of research and study about it. Magnolia pledges to only use quality ingredients hence, that explains the few, tiny black spots. It’s harmless for sure and gives the purest flavor of how strawberry tastes should be. I'm thankful that Magnolia uses the right ingredients to give us the best and enjoyable experience from eating ice cream instead of using colorings or addictive. So, will I buy Magnolia ice cream again?

Cooking class at Dongnae, Busan

Learn how to cook Korean bulgogi, pajeon, japchae in Dongnae, Busan.