What to Know during Labor?   

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Little bubs still refuse to come out even on my EDD (estimated due date). Perhaps, she was just too comfortable staying in my womb; or probably I had been indulging in lots of food especially in the final week before I delivered hence, she wanted to have them too.

As the baby refused to come out, both my gynecology and doctor in Klinik Kesihatan decided to give another one week and see. If the baby still refused to come out, that’s where I would have to go for induced labor (with a date given by my gynae).

So, in that one crucial week, instead of stressing myself, I happily continued working while at the same time, savoring some of my favorites. In particular, kuih-muih like kuih lapis, kuih talam and ang ku kueh. Imagine my husband had to go round the towns, just to get all these kuihs for me…

Two days before I was scheduled for induced labor, which was right after I had my cravings fixed, that was when the real labor journey began. At 4am, I had cramps and back pain. It woke me up and I noticed the loss of my mucus plug.

And I told myself, ‘Ini kalilah!!’ while waking my husband up who slept so soundly.

Time to go to the hospital

As it was my first time encountering it, I quickly went to the hospital. Nurses and doctor checked on me and my cervix dilated at 1cm. Aiks! Only 1cm, are you kidding me? The contraction pain started to get stronger.


Immediately, I was put in the ward, for the fear that it might get dilated to 10cm within a few hours. My husband was not allowed to enter the ward due to CMCO guidelines and the only tool that got me connected with my husband was through video-call and Whatsapp.

Things to know: #1 Some mothers experience contraction pain in their stomach but some experience back pains. 


Longest 24 hours

Every minute, every hour… the contractions got stronger and frequent. The nurses got me to count how many times I felt the contractions and how many times the baby kicked me. Frequently, they checked on my baby and my blood pressure too.

When the night approached, my contractions that caused massive back pain were no longer tolerable. I consulted the nurse and the nurse advised me to ‘embrace’ the pain while waiting for the doctor to make her round in the morning (as she doubted that I was ready for labor). Tell me about it, how la to embrace it… I prayed very hard throughout the night and it did help me to brave through the night. Occasionally, I focused on my breathing too.

Right at 630am, I told the nurse that I couldn’t bear the pain any longer. Lo and behold, the doctor came right on time to check on me. Well, the nurse got it right – my cervix got dilated to 5cm only.

Things to know: #2 Focus on your breathing. Find something that is therapeutic, for instance, pray, listen to music, or talk to your spouse. It helps.


Labor journey began

I was immediately pushed to the delivery/labor room. As I couldn’t bear the pain any longer, I asked for an epidural. And it was one of the best decisions that I ever made on that day. Right after I was given an epidural, I felt so much at ease. I even had the time to nap, which later gave me enough strength to push the baby out.

Things to know: #3 Epidural is injected into our spine directly and this has to be performed by an anesthesiologist. For those who are going into labor, one can only take an epidural before the cervix dilates to more than 6cm.


An hour later, the doctor came to check on me. Alas, my cervix got dilated to 8cm. Praise Lord that I didn’t feel the pain but I felt ‘heavy’ at my bottom part as if I was ready to push the baby out.

Give it another 30 minutes to an hour, and you are ready to deliver,” said the doctor. I answered okay while I continued napping.

Ten minutes later, my gynae came in with his entourage. Casually, he said he wanted to check on me and I happily gave in. In less than 30 seconds, he told his entourage that I was ready to deliver. Immediately, my bed got dismantled and re-assembled into a way where I was put in a labor position.

I asked for one minute, to allow me to inform my husband that I was going to deliver but the doctor gave me no time and I was asked to get ready. Clueless husband as he didn’t know that I was giving birth at that time.

Two nurses were with me, guiding and supporting me, and the rest were holding their respective gears to welcome my baby. When the contraction kicked in, I was asked to push. The feeling was as if I had bad constipation and I needed to push it out. Having a good breathing technique would be helpful but for me, I had to grasp my breath several times in order to push the baby out.

Twenty minutes later, alas... my baby girl is born.

Suturing processes

The nurses ushered my baby out to get checked by pediatricians. On the other hand, I quickly took my phone and called my husband, telling him that baby is out. He was surprised but at the same time, happy that everything went well. He waited patiently outside of the hospital while waiting for the nurses’ green light to see the baby, for at least a few seconds.

As for me, I was lying on the bed while the doctor and nurses started the suturing procedures. Not sure if it was because of the epidural but I didn’t feel any pain. I had quite a big episiotomy tear too hence, it took some time for the suturing process.

Things to know: #4 Surprisingly, you will not feel the pain after delivery, despite that the doctor and nurses suture the wound. Not sure if it’s because of the epidural…

After delivery…

In Putrajaya Hospital, they practice mum-child friendly zone hence, they encourage the mums to take care of their babies right after they deliver, unless the mums go for the caesarean.

Things to know: #5 Some of the must-bring items during labor:

(for mother): pregnancy pink book, shirts, pants, towel, socks, nursing bra, maternity pad, toiletries, light snacks

(for baby): baby's clothes, hat, blanket, baby oil, diapers, baby wipes

These were just some of the items that I brought along with me

And that means, my motherhood journey began instantly. Upon discharge from the labor room, my baby tailed me to the ward. I hardly got any rest but immediately, have to put on a new hat. Thankfully, the nurses were very helpful and guided me during my stay in Putrajaya Hospital.

  • When the baby cries, the nurses guide me on how to breastfeed her (though I was unsure if I had started producing milk.
  • Wake the baby up for feeding every 3-4 hours. Don’t let the baby sleep for more than 5 hours.
  • If the baby has jaundice, feeding must be more frequent, at least once every 2-3 hours.
  • Baby doesn’t snore. If they do, it means they are cold.
  • Baby cries not just because they are hungry. Do check their diapers too.



Ps: This is based on my personal experience.