5 Tips for First-Time Parents in the First Trimester    

By now, you would have known that my life has completely changed when the little one decided to join our family in November 2020. Coming to my second week of confinement, I finally have the time to pen down the things that I was so excited to share about for the past 9 to 10 months.

Little did we know or in any expectation to welcome this little bundle of joy this year. When I found out that I was pregnant, I was already in my Week 8 or 9. It was quite late for me to find out but, the whole MCO caught me off-guard. It was the busiest time ever as my back-then company was running a campaign that it literally took a toll on my whole body cycle. I had very little sleep and my time was mostly spent in front of the laptop till wee hours.

Thankfully, my husband was with me throughout the MCO period that he took care of my food and drinks. Or else, I would have eaten lots of snacks.

How did I find out?

It was somewhat common for me when the ‘aunty visit’ came late. However, by the time when the ‘aunty’ did not visit for more than a month, that started to trigger as in if my body was feeling alright. Or by chance that I had upset my body hormone.

The thought of being pregnant was not in my mind at all. I didn’t have any food cravings in my first trimester except that the MCO period really caught me to think of my favorite hawker food.

Egg tarts. Chicken Rice. Wan Tan Mee. Fried Kuey Teow. Nasi Lemak. Bah Kut Teh. You name it.

Days after days, the feeling of anticipation to find out what happened heightened up. Before I consulted a doctor, I decided to buy the pregnancy kit test. Just to test for the sake of testing only. And little did I know, the result got me stunned for a few seconds in the toilet. I quickly walked to my husband and told him that I could be pregnant.

He laughed and brushed off the idea as he thought that my work stress was the one that caused the late in aunty visit. We decided to wait for another week and see. This time, we bought a ClearBlue pregnancy kit test. And again, the result showed positive.

Things to know: #1 Must confirm your pregnancy using pregnancy kit test


First visit to Klinik Kesihatan

I was asked to bring my marriage certificate, my house bills, and of course, my identification card as well as my husband’s photocopy identification upon my first visit. All these were needed to ensure that I stay nearby to the clinic and to get myself a PINK book.

Photo from http://fh.moh.gov.my/v3/index.php/pages/orang-awam/kesihatan-ibu 

Adding, the clinic was so crowded and packed with expecting mums and those with their newborns. I spent about two hours in Klinik Kesihatan, from registering to getting my details penned down. I took the urine and blood test too.

Things to know: #2 Expecting mums are required to do blood test and urine test while your blood pressure and body weight will be monitored each time you visit the clinic.


No ultrasound scanning was done on me, unfortunately. I was given another appointment date to meet the doctor, at which I was in week 10 or 11. She did the scanning for me and the feeling was so surreal when I see a little human formed in my tummy.

Sadly, my husband couldn’t share the joy since he was not allowed to enter due to CMCO compliance.

By then, we accepted the fact that I was pregnant.

Things to know: #3 Must open a pink book in Klinik Kesihatan regardless of where your labor is, be it in a private or public hospital.

Things to know: #4 Doctor in Klinik Kesihatan will only do the ultrasound scanning when you are in Week 9 or 10.


What did I feel in the first trimester?

Since it was during the MCO lockdown, I spent a good 12 weeks of my first trimester at home. Weekends were something that I longed for as I got to sleep for many hours.

Other than that, my diet and lifestyle remained the same. Thank God that I didn’t have any morning sickness except that I got bored staying at home and eating home-cooked food.

Did that count as the morning sickness?

Things to know: #5 Not everyone experiences the same symptoms, ie. Morning sickness




Ps: This is based on my personal experience.