Pregnancy Journey - 5 Tips for First-Time Parents in the Second Trimester    

Congratulations, you survived the first trimester! Now that you master the 5 tips to know in the first trimester, it’s time to welcome the second trimester.

Indeed, I enjoyed my second trimester the best. It was the CMCO and RMCO time where we were allowed to return to work. I was glad that I could drive from my home to the office with no issue except that I started to munch a lot. Cookies, biscuits, and bread became my best friends. Brunch and tea time were my favorite too. Not forgetting, a cup of Milo occasionally could simply bring me huge delight.

Things to know: #1 Second trimester is the best! Enjoy it while you can.


Drink glucose water

In my second trimester, I had to drink glucose water. Usually, if one does not have a family history of high blood pressure, diabetes, and hypertension, they would only need to drink once throughout their pregnancy. However, as my dad has one of those, I have to drink the glucose water twice.

It was not a pleasant experience, for sure. A day before I was scheduled to drink glucose water, I had to fast starting at 10pm - no solid food and water. And the next thing you know, going to bed was the best.

The next day, at 8am, I got my first blood drawn out. After that, I drank a glass of glucose water; which was literally a glass of concentrated sugar water. Drink it and hold on to it for the next two hours, without eating and drinking. If you happen to vomit, then you would have to go through the whole process again.

Once I got my blood drawn out for the second time at 10am, I quickly quenched my thirst with plain water. That was when I felt the goodness of plain water.

Things to know: #2 If you have a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, and hypertension, you would need to drink glucose water twice during your pregnancy


Visited Columbia hospital

During my second trimester, I thought that I should also get some advice from the private hospital so, I went to Columbia hospital in Puchong. I booked my appointment and chose one of the doctors there.

I reached at 10.30am, got myself registered. I had my blood pressure and body weight taken within a split second. Then, I met the doctor at around 10.40am. I shared my pink book with her and she did ultrasound scanning on me. By 10.50am, I was done. I didn’t get much advice except that my next appointment was set in another two weeks’ time. That costed me around RM 350.

To be honest, I was quite disappointed with the whole service. The doctor and nurses in Klinik Kesihatan were way better as they would advise me on the dos and dons while getting the necessary checked. In Columbia hospital, what was told to me was merely about money, money, and money.

Things to know: #3 Must have the chemistry between you and the gynae. If you can’t find one, just continue looking.


Visited another hospital (Putrajaya Hospital)

Since Columbia hospital was out of my list, I had to look for another hospital. And my next go-to hospital was Putrajaya Hospital as I heard so many good things about the Full Paying Patient (FPP) Scheme.

I called and got myself a date to visit the hospital. On my first visit, I thought that I would meet the gynecologist but, it was not the case. The first visit was merely for me to get an appointment with the doctor; which the doctor would only see the expecting mums when they are in Week 28. But this is an important milestone. Without getting an appointment, you might not be able to deliver in Putrajaya hospital.

During my first visit, I came across an expecting mum who was in Week 32. She walked in and opted for FPP. Unfortunately, as the doctors were fully booked, she was not able to deliver in Putrajaya hospital but had to look for another hospital for her labor. I can’t imagine the amount of stress she had to go through especially when she was already in Week 32.

Things to know: #4 Plan early and make a booking for your labor (even though you may still have a few months to go).


Detailed scanning

By the time when I was in the fifth month of my pregnancy, my anxiety hit me. ‘Was my bump too small?’, ‘Was baby growing well?’, ‘How was the brain and body development?’…and the list continued. Too many questions but all unanswered. Google was not helping either.

Hence, I went for detailed scanning. In fact, detailed scanning is not mandatory but, for ease of mind, I went for it. So, I went to Azalea Hospital in Putrajaya for a detailed scanning where one can do it from Week 18 to Week 21. Unlike ultrasound scanning, detailed scanning usually takes more than an hour and it is performed by a sonographer.

Things to know: #5 Detailed scanning can only be performed between Week 18 to Week 21. 


Other than the regular check-ups, make sure that you eat well and sleep well - the mantra for all expecting mums. Special note that every baby bump is unique and different. Just embrace the baby bump that you have and start listening to your body. By the end of the second trimester, you might start to feel baby kicks.

So, there you go – enjoy your second trimester as much as you can. J



Ps: This is based on my personal experience.