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Italian Pizza Feast with Bottega


Dim Sum Feast at Home with Wong’s Menu

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What to Know during Labor?


FLOUR Restaurant @ Bukit Damansara

September 11, 2019


TOP 5 info about Da Nang,Vietnam

August 5, 2019


Paul Depuis 1889 (Pavilion) & Selfie Museum (Fahrenheit88)

April 11, 2019

What to Eat

September 11, 2019

FLOUR Restaurant @ Bukit Damansara

When my friend prompted me to FLOUR, I thought that they were playing a prank on me. Trying to be macho, I literally turned to Mr. Google and typed the word “FLOUR”, hoping that there would be some new...

February 28, 2019

Edo Ichi @ Bangsar South

I have been craving for Japanese cuisine for quite some time, particularly sushi. Sometimes, I have the urge to order a few plates of sushi, take it home and indulge them while watching my favorite variety show. BUT it’s ...

February 21, 2019

Heng Ong Huat @Klang, Selangor

I have been craving for Japanese cuisine for quite some time, particularly sushi. Sometimes, I have the urge to order a few plates of sushi, take it home and indulge them while watching my favorite variety show. BUT it’s...

Italian Pizza Feast with Bottega

Okay, let’s admit it! As much as we want to stay sane during the lockdown, sometimes the emotion takes precedence. The calling for pizza is so strong these days that we decided to indulge in some Italian pizzas; delivered all the way from Bukit Bintang. And this is one of the best decisions ever. No regret and complaints about the food quality except that it’s a little cold. Just got to reheat it and voila, you can have an Italian feast at home, minus the whole ambiance. Just Netflix and good food will make a perfect day. We had Formaggiosa, Pecanminosa, Picante and Cheeseboard from Bottega Cafe.

Dim Sum Feast at Home with Wong’s Menu

To begin with, I had a dim sum feast recently. Yay! Thanks to Wong’s Menu, I was well fed with lots of assortments but among all, these are the few which I wanted to share with you because they are so damn gooooddddd. 1. HK Style Char Siew Pau 2. Classic Siew Mai 3. Golden Sesame Ball

Have you tried Aglio Olio Crispy Salmon with Angel Hair in Naughty Nuri, SS15 Courtyard?

Naughty Nuri is not new to many. Originally started in Ubud, Naughty Nuri has been making its footprints in Malaysia with four outlets. And they are known for their signature BBQ spare ribs. I used to visit Naughty Nuri in the earlier days but I was left with disappointment due to the small serving size. This time, we decided to visit Naughty Nuri again, hoping that there would be slight improvement. And alas, we were right! Must-try the Aglio Olio Crispy Pan-Seared Salmon with Angel Hair and Creamy Bacon and Roast ‘Siew Yoke’ with Fettucine when you are there.

What to See

Know the top 5 info about Da Nang, Vietnam before heading there

Danang, Vietnam is a beautiful place but you need to know some fun facts before heading there - from food, currency to the behavioral of the people there.

Why go for organic meals in Titi Eco Farm?

Titi Eco Farm is a place for one to unwind and relax while indulging in a myriad of organic meals. There, you can listen to the birds’ chirping, participate in farm tour and even, making your own tea time like hibiscus tea.

Three (3) Must-GO restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand

Must-go restaurants in Bangkok are After You, Nara Thai in Centralworld and Pe'Aor Tom Yum Kung Noodle in Ratchathewi

What to Know

What to Know during Labor?

Ini kalilah!! Here are the tips for expecting mums during labor: #1 Some mothers experience contraction pain in their stomach but some experience back pains. #2 Focus on your breathing. Find something that is therapeutic, for instance, pray, listen to music, or talk to your spouse. #3 Epidural is injected into the spine directly and this has to be performed by an anaesthesiologist. #4 Surprisingly, you will not feel the pain after delivery, despite that the doctor and nurses suture the wound. #5 Must-bring items during labor

Pregnancy Journey - What Happen in the Third Trimester?

It was the time where you received lots of advice to start prepping and welcome your newborn. I heard them a lot, but it did not push me to get things prepared until I was in my Week 34. That was when I started to look for the basic necessities for labor, confinement, and of course, welcoming the newborn into our life. Here are the tips for expecting mums in the third trimester: #1 Do not overeat. Eat in moderation. #2 You can only gain 500gm per week, 2kg per month. Not more than that. #3 Monitor your hemoglobin count seriously. #4 Get your Tetanus jab if you have not gotten one in your third trimester. #5 Count the number of times that baby kicks. #6 Build the chemistry with your gynecology.

5 Tips for First-Time Parents in the SecondTrimester

Congratulations, you survived the first trimester! Now that you master the 5 tips to know in the first trimester, it’s time to welcome the second trimester. Here are the top 5 must know for first-time parents in the second trimester: #1 Second trimester is the best! Enjoy it while you can. #2 If you have a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, and hypertension, you would need to drink glucose water twice during your pregnancy. #3 Must have the chemistry between you and the gynae. If you can’t find one, just continue looking. #4 Plan early and make a booking for your labor (even though you may still have a few months to go). #5 Detailed scanning must be done between Week 18 - 21.

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