Magnolia - Building strong value with good customer service

Looks like Magnolia got the right formula! I was hit with quite an unpleasant experience recently with Magnolia. However, they took great strides and tackled the matter well with fast response and good customer service. It all started when I bought a tub of Magnolia Neapolitan (1.5L) ice cream.

Just like how we love to have different flavor(s) of ice cream, I decided to settle it at one-go with Magnolia Neapolitan that comes with a diversity of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. I’d been craving for ice-cream so I got quite excited and opted for two scoops of each flavor.

That’s where the nightmare started!

I saw a few tiny, black spots on the strawberry ice cream. I dug deeper to see if there’s anymore and to my surprise, there were pockets of black spots here and there. It got worse when my guests made remarks that it looked like cockroach shit. So, I quickly put it aside and sent a message to Magnolia’s team via Facebook.

And kudos to Magnolia’s team – they were so responsive and replied to me in days. The first was to check on my feedback. They took this matter seriously but I was slightly disappointed at first on the way they reacted to it. Nonetheless, they were fast enough to meddle this and called me up for a casual meetup. Two ladies from Magnolia came over and explained to me even though they had done once earlier.

So, the truth is the tiny, black spots are actually strawberry seeds. Magnolia pledges to only use quality ingredients hence, that explains the few, tiny black spots. It’s harmless for sure and gives the purest flavor of how strawberry tastes should be.  

If you happen to come across this in your ice cream tub, fret not as Magnolia has done lots of research and study about it. Apparently, I was not the first one who raised this issue so am thankful that Magnolia uses the right ingredients to give us the best and enjoyable experience from eating ice cream instead of using colorings or addictive.

So, will I buy Magnolia ice cream again?

I will, provided that they are priced reasonably. Hahaha! One lesson that I think it’s worth sharing is good customer service is really important. They have managed to convince a frustrated customer who is about to say no to Magnolia brand after an unpleasant experience to someone who values their brand value and will support them in the long run. All they do is being really sincere and transparent – one of the values that many companies must uphold today especially when the world is getting really competitive these days.

Thanks, Magnolia!