Ready to savor on classic Roast Pork from Heng Kee Roasted Pork, Lukut, Negeri Sembilan for this CNY!

We are just two weeks away to a brand new Chinese New Year! Some have begun their shopping spree, hunting for new clothes and shoes while some have started to indulge in their favorite New Year cookies. I am one of them who have started to savor cookies from Soul Cookies - they are new in social media but have been baking since the 1990s' in Sabah. They sell amazingly good and delicious butter and double chocolate chip cookies.

While the New Year vibes' is here, one should not forget to prepare or pre-order dishes especially for reunion dinner. Here, I'm going to share one of the best dishes to have which is roast pork.

A humble man whom I have known for at least 8 years now, his passion for making and serving good food remains strong when I bumped into him lately. Holding on to his core principle that roast pork should be enjoyed by people of all ages, he has made his name in this small town called Lukut by making it affordable. Imagine that you can get a plate of roast pork (for 1 pax) at just  RM6.00.

When I reached to his restaurant, I was greeted with a large crowd. True to the public testament, by 2.30pm, his signature roast pork was sold out. Thankfully, I was there slightly earlier and managed to get a few plates of the signature dishes. As Kenny, the man himself was there on that day, he sat with us and shared his story, passion, and business goals.

Heng Kee Roasted Pork started quite a while back. After he graduated from Masters', he decided to drive the family business where the focus at that time was to sell whole roast pork to companies, enterprises, temples and even for occasions like weddings. With this restaurant that he sets up about 3-4 years back, he strives to make a positive impact - not only to his business but also, to his staff, customers and himself. More frequent than not, he always put a wide smile and greets each and every patron who dines in his shop. He can remember their name too!!  

Signature Roast Pork - must order! 

Check this out - the juicy roast pork 
Since I went all the way to Lukut, I'll never leave with just plates of roast pork. Since it was lunch hour, I decided to go on a feast and had a couple of other dishes, which were sinful yet it was so worth it for my tummy.  

Char Siew

Ooohhh Lalalaaaaa....

Roast Duck

Another dish that caught my attention was 'Nasi Lemak Roast Pork'  - where on earth would you get this? I went ahead and order it - surprisingly, it went well except that I was hoping for spicier sambal :)

When it comes to drinks, I have to applaud him for his creativity! He came out with this drink called "Xiao Shan" - meaning mistress in English. The reason why he named it as such is when you know the other half of yours has mistress, you will surely be mad. Hence, with the drink that comes in three-layers, one is expected to stir it numerous times which will eventually hit a balanced, sweet spot.  One can opt for either 'Xiao Shan Tea' or 'Xiao Shan Coffee'.

All in all, one should include Heng Kee Roasted Pork into the must-eat list whenever you are in Lukut or Port Dickson which is just a stone away. Alternatively, if you wish to have whole roast pork, you can just place your order through their Facebook page.

Ambient: 3/5
Price: Reasonable
Food: Non-Halal, Chinese food
Service: 4/5
Verdict: Must try the signature roast pork

This coming New Year, let's bring some roast pork home. For those who are having big celebrations and gatherings, you can consider ordering whole roast pork from Heng Kee Roasted Pork.

Heng Kee Roasted Pork,

No.33A, Ground Floor,

Jalan PPLU2, Pusat Perniagaan Lukut Utama, Lukut,

71010 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.

Tel: 017 - 309 3136