Top 7 Must Have in Ximending, Taipei, Taiwan

Upon stepping your foot in this busy street especially walking out from Ximen MRT station, take a minute to look around – you will find yourself lost for a moment, not knowing where to go as there just seems impossible for you to navigate your way.

Nonetheless, you will be greeted with the best news ever that you will never get hungry in Ximending. All you need to do is to eat like the locals and walk like the tourists. Story cut short, let me take you to the 7 awesome food and drinks that you must have when you are in Ximending, Taipei.

1. J & G Fried Chicken

It’s a very high chance for you not to miss this! Right after you step out from Ximen MRT Station, you will come across this. When sunset resides, you will somehow see a long queue in front of this shop. Known for their fried chicken, I suggest that you should also try their fried squid. For just 190 Taipei Dollar, you get the best out of both worlds.

2. Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice (Ru Rou Fan)

There are plenty of stalls and restaurants that sell this staple dish. During my stay in Ximending, I managed to try two different shops and both were pretty delicious. Rich in taste, not oily and it goes really well with any side dishes like fried oyster omelet.

3. Papaya Milk 

Am not a fan of papaya milk but this cup has totally changed my tastebuds. Yummy!


4.    4. Bubble Tea at Men's Uno

Before you know it, bubble tea shops have invaded Taipei. Literally, you can find at least 1 – 2 bubble tea shops on each street. Thanks to Ximending Food Tour Map, I decided to try something that is not available in Malaysia which is Men’s Uno. Voila, I think this is one of the best bubble teas that I ever had. It’s not sweet, the boba is soft and chewy and the tea taste so fragrant.

5. Burgers and fried chicken at KFC

Yes, you read it right! Kentucky Fried Chicken – one of our Taiwanese friends had alerted us to try their KFC. As curiosity hit us in one of the mornings, we opted for KFC as our breakfast. And no regret indeed. Unlike KFC in Malaysia which is usually oily, the KFC in Taiwan comes with a much healthy chicken version. I felt so nice eating it without any guilt feeling. I kid you not that I had actually tapao-ed KFC burgers to airport before I left Taiwan.


6.    6. Ma-La Hot Pot

There are few branches of Ma-La Hot Pot in Ximending. Just pick any outlets and pray hard that you do not need to queue for it. Alternatively, just go there early and you will be guaranteed to get a table. With a wide selection of food for one to choose, you will have a tough time to choose what you want to eat. Strongly recommended!


7.    7. Grilled Sausage

Oh yes, never said no! One of the snacks which I ate whenever I was in Taiwan. Regardless which stall you go to, be sure to be spoilt by the grilled Taiwanese sausage that blends well with any of your favorite flavors.  

All in all, I said yes to Ximending this time! Wasn't in favour with Ximending in my first visit but it turned out really well during my second visit. I enjoyed strolling along the busy streets while immersing with tons of street performances plus a couple of creative shows and face arts on random roads.