You can now get Wall's Viennetta in Village Grocer

When I was young, I used to fancy this ‘ATAS’ ice cream. Back in the 1990s’, I remember that only those who are wealthy enough would get to taste this ‘ATAS’ ice cream that was priced at around RM10 (RM10 was considered ‘expensive’ back then).

Then, one day, Wall’s Viennetta decided to disappear and it was out of our radar for no specific reason. Just like that!

Wall's Viennetta Mint Flavor

Thankfully, last year in December 2019, I was once again filled with joy when I heard of the news that Viennetta is back. But it’s limited and only available in Ben’s Independent Grocer (B.I.G). It was always sold out every time when I went there.

This time, persistence and lady luck had won me! I chanced upon the mint flavour of Wall’s Viennetta in Village Grocer, i-City. Left only 3 tubs, I hurried and claimed one box before it ran out.

For those who may have forgotten what Wall’s Viennetta is like, this is not your typical ice cream. It comes with multiple and beautiful layers of ice cream (depending on the flavours that you opted) that make it a perfect ‘ice-cream cake’ serving with sinful chocolate chips in between.

The true luxury of having this ice cream is to cut them into rectangular pieces and enjoy it with your loved ones while watching your favorite movies together rather than scooping them into a nicely shaped ball.

At Village Grocer, Wall’s Viennetta is sold at RM 36.90. Pretty expensive but you know what – I’m sure people are willing to pay to get a taste of their childhood. In fact, I’ll probably buy another time if I come across the vanilla and chocolate flavor.

Village Grocer @ Central i-City

Lot LG-01, Central i-City,

Jalan Multimedia, Seksyen 7,

40000 Shah Alam, Selangor.