3 Challenges Guys in Relationships will Face in February 2020 

Just when you thought that you are done entertaining your aunties, uncles, and grandparents who love to ask you during Chinese New Year, ‘Ah Boy, do you have a girlfriend?, ‘When are you planning to get married?’, Still don’t want a baby?’, your next dilemma will soon hit you since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

While your other half, be it girlfriend or wife who claims that they might not care about Valentine’s Day, think twice again. Just don’t fall into the red sea or else, you would have a tough time, storming through on 14 February 2020.

Challenge 1 – What to buy for her?

Congrats if you know and understand what your girlfriend/wife wants. But if you don’t, just buy her any of the safest gift like chocolates(not Cadbury or Ferrero Rocher but chocolates like Royce, Patchi, and Godiva will make you the best partner ever on that day), teddy bear,handbags(Prada and Coach works) or dress(if you know her size well).

Just don’t go on a date with empty-handed. But if you really, really forget, then, turn yourself to the most romantic guy and give her the best compliments followed by bear hugs.

Challenge 2 – Must I buy flowers?

Holly crap! You are going to spend a fortune if you buy flowers on Valentine’s Day. Simple tips for you – if your girlfriend/wife loves flowers, then you have no choice but to get them one. After all, happy wife (gf pun boleh), happy life!

However, if you want something creative yet interesting, you can go with vegetable bouquets like below. Just make sure that it is something that your other half wants it.

Challenge 3 – Where to Eat?

The hardest question after all! There are more than 5,132,554,454 restaurants and which will be the best and right place to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Dilemma? How about cooking it on your own? Lazy? Then, let’s go to Anne’s Elizabeth, Cheras.

One of my favorite restaurants since 2018 till today. It’s the perfect dining place for this special day where you can have your 3-course meal. Or make it a 4-course meal.

For starter, get a bowl of creamy mushroom and bacon soup that is rich with mushroom chunks and topped with bacon bits.

Next, you can have a bowl of salad. There are more than 10 different salad for you to choose from but my favorite is always the Passion Fruit & Parmesan Salad.

Comes to entrée, be sure to order Iberico Abanico Spain accompanied with a Bacon Bratwurst and Mexicano Chilli Sausage.

Not enough? Get a plate of Spaghetti Carbonara and it will end your meal with a sweet note.


But what if you want to bring your special one out for an extraordinary Valentine’s feast? Then, click HERE.

Whatever that you do, just make sure that you do it with full sincerity. At the end of the day, what your other half wants is the time spent together where both are living in that very moment. So, don’t stress and be grateful that you are not alone in this.

Happy Valentine’s Day!