Don't Miss the Sang Har Mee at Green View Restaurant, Petaling Jaya    

Stepped into Green View Restaurant on one fine day for a mini gathering, I was mesmerized with a number of servers there. Since I was early, I looked around to check what other diners had on their tables. Interestingly, all tables had a plate of Sang Har Mee, which affirmed my guts feeling to order one plate though it might cost us a fortune.

1. Sang Har Mee

There is no fixed price for a plate of Sang Har Mee. It is based on the weight of the prawns plus the number that of prawns that you ordered. Usually, when you have two people, you can opt for 1 prawn which will be split into two. Since there were 6 of us, we went with 3 prawns instead.

And I kid you not that even when the prawn is split into two, the size of it is still quite big. It comes with abundance of roe in the large head of the prawn, which makes the whole noodle perfect where it immersed in a thick and rich prawn gravy.

Take a bite of noodles and slurp the gravy. Then, be ready to indulge the freshwater big head prawns. So juicy and yummy! It’s one of the best freshwater prawns that I ever had besides the one in Sandakan, Sabah.

2. Lala Soup

Packed with ginger-ish taste and aroma, no doubt that this is quite an appetizing soup. However, I wish that the flavor should be punchier to give the extra kick. Of course, if it comes with more lala, that would be perfect. Right now, the serving is pretty small for 6 adults, and not to mention 2 kids.

3. Herbal Chicken

It was just so-so. It could be better.

4. Yee Sang

Since we were there during one of the Chinese New Year days, we opted for a plate of Yee Sang. The higher you toss, the faster your dreams come true.

All in all, it costs about RM438 for 6 adults. Judging from the size of the prawns plus a plate of yee sang, I wouldn’t say it's expensive. It’s worth it but definitely, we can’t go there every time. The next time I go to the Green View Restaurant, I’ll like to try their crabs instead. Apparently, it’s one of their signatures too.

Ambient: 3/5 (somehow, there’re lots of flies)

Price: $$$$ (expensive)

Food: Non-halal, Chinese food

Service: 4/5

Verdict: Must try the Sang Har Mee. Also, do make a reservation first before you head here.


Green View Restaurant,

6 & 8, Jalan 19/3,

46300 Petaling Jaya.

Tel: 03 – 7958 1076