Your Kind of Perfect Dim Sum at Oriental Pavilion, Jaya 33    

Voted as one of Asia's Finest Chinese Restaurants by The Miele Guide, it makes great sense to try Oriental Pavilion at Jaya 33 especially during its brunch hour. After I tried it once, neither did I know that I've been their loyal patron for nearly a year when comes to having good brunch session with friends, colleagues, and family members.

The restaurant embodies the spacious modern concept plus the unique Chinese-style decoration. Upon reaching Oriental Pavilion, I was ushered to a round table with the dim sum order chit. As you take your time to look at the dim sum order chit, there'll be a plate of steamed peanuts served on the table, for you as an appetizer.

For a perfect dim sum experience, you must order:-  

1. Egg Tarts

Despite the small size, how can you not order these egg tarts that are flaky and contain soft, caramelized eggs which are ready to 'wow' your taste buds. Little did you know that one is never enough

2. Steamed Siew Mai

Comes in 3 pieces, this signature steamed siew mai is big, juicy and topped with ebiko roe. Also, filled with a generous amount of minced meat and succulent prawns, it is no doubt a favorite dish for people of all ages.

3. Fried Carrot Cake

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Topped with a generous amount of bean sprout and eggs, surprisingly, this plate of fried carrot cake isn't that oily which lessens my guilt for eating a few spoons.

4. Fried Hokkien Mee

Personally, I think that Klang serves the best Fried Hokkien Mee. Nonetheless, the ones here are pretty decent too. Comes with plenty of pork lards, this plate of noodles is definitely good for sharing. It's a little too much for one person.

5. Steamed Chee Cheong Fun with Crispy Prawns

One of the must-order dishes in Oriental Pavilion. It's very rare to get something like this - chee cheong fun with crispy prawns? It's definitely not the typical white, flat chee cheong fun. Its appearance is enough to entice you to try them out as soon as they were brought to our table. Soft at the outside but crispy in the inner with juicy, big prawns.

6. Taro Puffs

Best to be eaten hot so that you can taste the fragrant taro and its juicy fillings.


Overall, Oriental Pavilion is a good hangout place. It’s quite comfortable except that it can get pretty noisy during lunch hour. Other than that, the food tastes great, depending on your order. As for their services, they do have lots of servers but if you happen to sit at the corner of the restaurant, it might be hard for you to get noticeable.

Ambient: 3/5 (can be quite noisy)

Price: $$$$ (slightly expensive)

Food: Non-Halal (Chinese food, dim sum)

Service: 4/5

Verdict: Must order the egg tarts and steamed chee cheong fun with crispy prawns


Oriental Pavilion,

Lot P104, 1st Floor, Jaya 33,

No.3, Jalan Semangat, Section 13,

46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.