Have Jiggly Souffle Pancakes in Souffle Dessert Cafe, Puchong

Bumped into this place by chance and was amazed by the large crowd. Although it says that the operating hour starts at 3pm, we were in awe when we saw so many people at this cafe albeit that it was just fifteen minutes past 3pm.

We were ushered to a pretty nice, cozy table and browsed the menu in no time. Bear in mind that you have to put your order at the counter and make the necessary payment before you get to savour the jiggly soufflé.

1. Soufflé Pancake with Ice Cream

As the name suggests, there’s plenty of souffle pancakes await you. At the top of the list, you are highly recommended to order their Souffle Pancake with Ice Cream. There are 5 flavours of ice cream where you can choose from – Valrhona Dark Chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla, Classic Tiramisu, Hokkaido Black Sesame and Japanese Uji Macha.

Comes with 3pcs of souffle pancake accompanied with a tiny cup of honey, we wasted no time but to eat it. After all, we waited for 20 minutes just for this and that led to high expectation.

Jeng jeng jeng... on our first bite, it just tasted like the Asian Sponge Cake! Yes, the taste itself was pretty similar like ‘Ji Dan Gao’. Haha! Nonetheless, they were really soft and had a light airy texture.

2. Earl Grey Chocolate Cake

Imagine the combination of tea and chocolate.. does it even make sense to you? We decided to give it a try! Somehow, the tea taste was pretty strong, yet it gave the aftermath sour taste. We suspected there’s a layer of passion fruit jam in between.

Just like durian – you either like it or dislike it. I personally don’t fancy it but the other two friends of mine liked it.

3. Mocha Ice Ball

This is interesting! Comes with mocha ice ball and a cup of warm milk, it gave the feeling of yin and yang. As soon as you pour the warm chocolate on the mocha ice ball, the ball would melt on its own. In a couple of minutes with some stirring in between, you would be able to taste it. And for this drink, all I can say is once you put it in your mouth, you would be transported to a new paradise. Yummy!

All in all, if you like soufflé, you can go to Soufflé Dessert Cafe at Puchong (if it’s near to your place). Note that the café can be quite hot in the afternoon and also, noisy. So, don’t expect to a peaceful conversation with your family or friends.

Ambient: 2.8/5 (in the afternoon)

Price: Slightly expensive ($$$) for souffle

Food: Snacks, tea time

Service: 3/5

Verdict: You can try it if you are near to Puchong and have a liking towards souffle.


Soufflé Dessert Cafe,

No 1-7, 1st floor, Kompleks Kenari,

Jalan Kenari 19a, Bandar Puchong Jaya,

47100 Puchong, Selangor.

Opens everyday except Tuesday, from 3pm to 12am.

Note: Only cash is accepted!