Cooking class at Dongnae, Busan

One of the highlights during my Busan trip was I attended a cooking class. Travelled all the way from Haeundae to Dongnae, we met these beautiful and friendly sisters who patiently waited for us at the train station and then chauffeured us to their apartment.

Without wasting much time, we made ourselves comfortable in their apartment while constantly amazed with their well-equipped kitchen, tidied living hall, clean toilet and even, checking the view at the outside.
I couldn’t remember their names so I would just address them as “The Sisters” – by right, we were supposed to do grocery shopping and prepare the ingredients as part of the cooking class. However, when we were there, they had prepared everything for us, leaving us to fire up the one and only meal whereas the rest was taken care by them.
Before everything started, we were greeted with a welcome drink.

Then, we started to prepare the ingredients. Pretty much, these are the standard vegetables that are used for most of the Korean dishes.

Then, we first cooked Korean Pancake which is also known as Pajeon. A very simple dish that anyone of you can do - just use wheat flour, tapioca flour and water for the batter and mix all the vegetables in. No eggs are needed.

After that, we made Korean JapChae which is known as Stir-Fry Glass Noodle. Again, it's a simple dish that one can make at home. All you need is just sesame oil and sesame seed, accompanied with freshly sliced vegetables like carrots, zucchini and mushroom.

The third dish that we made was Korean Beef Bulgogi - we didn't really do much as the sisters had done most of the work for us.
Overall, we were fully stuffed with homecooked Korean food. We were quite shy initially but soon after, we just happily finished all of them. It was so delicious that it got me to buy the Korean sesame oil and sesame seed at Busan itself. My gosh; aunty-ness in me immediately sparked up then and there.
If you have some time to spare when you are in Busan, you should experience the cooking class too. Just follow the locals for one day and you would be amazed with their culture that you might fall in love to it. Just like me…until today, I still cook Korean food at home (though is not as perfect as theirs).