Why go for organic meals in Titi Eco Farm?

Titi Eco Farm is a place for one to unwind and relax; much so, there isn’t much you can do there besides listening to the birds’ chirping, hunting for mosquitoes and finding your own entertainment. And it was the very first time that I got so bored of browsing Facebook and Instagram over and over again.

Oh well, no complaint indeed as that's the purpose after all! While one may be trapped in the hustle and bustle of the city, it was always good to be out for a moment and appreciate the nature.Upon our arrival to Titi Eco Farm, we were taught to make a hibiscus tea from scratch; we went for a farm tour to increase our knowledge about herbs, plants and flowers before plucking the necessary leaves and made one.

In late evening, we were supposed to attend a sharing session given by the Founder but that got cancelled. And we were ushered to our beds very early that day. The next day, thankfully, we had an organic farm tour – that made our stay a slight memorable one. Led by a staff there, we were brought around the farm. I had the opportunity to taste the organic, uncooked lady finger and some other leaves which I can’t remember the name. All I know was my courage was put to test!

Speaking about the organic meals, we feasted over a variety of greenies. And they tasted delicious. According to Titi Eco Farm, their vegetables are planted without pesticides hence, the vegetables are naturally sweet in taste. Here are some of the dishes that we had:

Although it was a short trip, 2D1N, I was glad that I could at least experienced this - a very nice experience for one to unwind and be friends with nature. Truth to be told, I was slightly rejuvenated and got my body to be detoxed slightly with the organic meals. .

Ambient: 4/5 (if you love nature)

Price: RM 250 per person (to stay in Semi-D chalet and Energy Garden)

Food: Organic vegetables

Service: 3/5

Verdict: Once a lifetime experience? Try it!


Titi Eco Farm

Kampung Titi, Jelebu

Lot 1706. 1708. 1203. 1349. 1916.

Sungai Rotan,

71650 Jelebu,

Negeri Sembilan.

Booking is required for you to visit the farm: 019  220 7868