Know the top 5 info about Da Nang, Vietnam before heading there

I'm back! Cross fingers that I will not fall into any of the movies or drama addiction or else, I'll be disappearing again from updating  my blog. Lately, I visited a very beautiful country where I enjoyed the sights and sounds plus, getting myself entertained with the chicken-and-duck conversation. It was fun, it was comfortable, it was beautiful, and as French would always say, it was tres magnifique

From having the opportunities to stay at different kind(s) of accommodation like AirBnB and hotel, to entering into a thrilling world of dining a nd indulging with a myriad of spring rolls and walking into the adventure of some tourist attractions where we were greeted with pouring rains, it was indeed one of the holidays that is worth remembering.

All we did was to enjoy a cold glass of San Miguel, took plenty of photos regardless where we were and entered into a shopping paradise where our bargaining skills took a notch up. Yet, there were still some circumstances that held us back from enjoying to the fullest.

So, I have penned down the top 5 things that you need to know before you head to Vietnam.

1. Traffic is a nightmare

Barely able to cross the busy streets - it seems like there is no sense of mercy to the pedestrians and all you need is to be courageous at all time and run as if there's a dog chasing you from the back. You would hardly have the time to turn to your left and right too. We did cross the road once and we vowed no second time. It's safer to take Grab instead.

2. Drivers are...just speechless

Plenty of drivers are there for you; just open your Grab app and in no time, you just have to wait for your drivers to arrive. However, very frequently, our drivers decided to cancel our booking. So, be warn! Drivers in Da Nang love to honk too; I don't even know whether the honk sign serves as a warning to other drivers/motorcyclists, a greeting when they bump into their friends or merely, it's for fun. At some point, it can get pretty annnoying.

3. Thankfully, food is awesome!!

For vegans and those who have favorite liking towards any kind(s) of vegetables, particularly basil and mint, Vietnam is the right place for you. It gives you a different twist to our local cuisine. Don't expect to have an array of meat as it comes with a pretty minimum quantity. For instance, we ordered a bowl of Quang noodles and sadly, only a few, thin chicken fillets were found whereas our bowls were generously filled with lots of vegetables.

Also, I strongly recommend you to try these few places - no regret for sure!

Morning Glory Restaurant Hoi An

Nha Hang Madame Lan

4. Check the weather

Yay! Bana Hills is a must-go attraction! However, the timing wasn't right for us. The joy in us immediately disappeared when dark clouds started forming when we reached there. Before we could tour around Bana Hills, w e found ourselves running to the nearest restaurants/outlets. We couldn't go anywhere except playing with our phones. Even after 2 hours, the rain refused to stop so, we decided to leave Bana Hills. Thankfully, we took some photos at the Golden Bridge before that.

5. Currency - More USD and less Vietnam Dong

Tips to all Malaysians - it is good to have more USD dollar with you. When you compare both USD and Vietnam Dong plus the conversion of Ringgit Malaysia, somehow, buying stuff using USD dollar is slightly cheaper as compared to Vietnam Dong. Even if you wanted to tailor-made your dresses, suits, t-shirts or what not in Hoi An, the vendors there prefer USD.

To sum it all, Da Nang is a wonderful place. So long you have everything prepared beforehand, you will Da Nang at your fingertips!