Top 8 Must Visit Places in Busan, Korea! 

There are so, so much things to write about this beautiful place! Landed on this beautiful land the minute the sun rose and greeted by a gust of cold wind which triggered our spine and nerve while we waited for the right public transportation to chauffeur us to Haeundae area. We spent literally a good 6 days in the second largest city of Korea; we walked most of the time, crossing the busy roads, exerting some legs training via flights and flights of stairs while munching plenty of local delicacies.

For my first post about Busan, I shall talk about the MUST-VISIT PLACESand I shall cover the rest of the areas like food in my next post.

1. Shinsegae Centum City @Haeundae

According to our research, it is the largest departmental store in the world - needless to say, we were left in awe, feasting a variety and countless items sold there. At the rooftop, we were greeted with dinosaurs and children were seen playing around.

2. HaeDong Yong Gung Temple (Near to Haeundae)

One of the must-visit places when you are in Busan. Renowned as the most beautiful temple in Korea, facing the sea, the temple is indeed a bustling hive surrounded by row of street stalls and local vendors.


We had to walk quite a bit as the bus could not drop us right in front of the temple. It was quite chilling that day and we enjoyed our walk as the souls were mesmerized by the view and the hands were busy taking photos. Along the way to the temple, there are rows of stalls selling street food and local souvenirs. Some caught my attention and as always, I found myself holding the Korean pancake and fishcake.

3. The Bay 101 @Haeundae

It was a serene and calm place where you see locals and tourists alike were trying to get good photography spots. I did join the whole scene but later found out that my iPhone failed me. Before we could capture one satisfying photo, we were chased away by drizzle rain.

4. Busan International Film Festival @Nampo

Also known as BIFF, this is one place that all tourists must visit! This place is so lively once it hits noon time and it lasts till midnight. There are plenty of stalls selling local delicacies like Korean pancake (which I eventually found the best one there), rows of shop lots selling cosmetic item, a number of Korean restaurants and many others. One day is certainly not enough!

5. Jagalchi Fish Market @Jagalchi (near to Nampo)

Nothing is impressive unless you are looking to indulge in an array of fresh seafood. Similar experience like the we had in Japan, we choose the vendor that are extremely nice to us since majority of the vendors are selling the same seafood. Putting on my “aunty” head, negotiation took place. We had a number of fresh seafood but ultimately, the experience in Okinawa beats it all.

6. Busan Tower @Yongdusan Park, Nampo

When you are strolling along the streets in BIFF, you will come across an elevator leading to Busan Tower. All you need to do is to hop on this elevator and be ready to mesmerize the beauty of Busan Tower, provided if you go there during the dusk.


You will come across a beautiful displayed ancient hut which serves as a good background for Instagram, the nicely curated flower clock and at corner, you can journey down and immerse with a little knowledge on the type of walls that were built back then.


As you go higher and higher, be sure to put on your scarf or jacket, just in case of the cool breezy wind. If time allows, you can board to the highest floor of the Busan Tower and enjoy the night scenery.

7. Gamcheon Cultural Village

This is one of the places which my sister strongly recommended it to me before I flew to Busan. There is no entrance fee to this village but I reckon you to buy a tourist map from the Information Centre; otherwise you would not know how to explore this beautiful place. There are so, so many things to see if you traverse on the longest route and all you need is to make sure your legs are adventurous enough to walk and not give in.


We spent nearly 4-5 hours there and eventually, stopped at one of the small huts and had our simple lunch. A simple lunch was enough to satisfy us that day and give us strength to keep walking. At the end of the day, I must admit that our legs started to sore.

8. Songdo Beach & Skywalk

Well, this is a love & hate kind of attraction. It’s a beautiful beach (in Korea) but I think Malaysia has plenty of beautiful beaches then in Korea. Many of its features are man-built, not natural; from the skywalk to cable car, hanging bridges. Nevertheless, I did enjoy exploring this place and find myself coming across a bunch of handsome hunks and a beautiful lady hiking the Songdo Marine Park.


Awww.. Now I wish that I am in Busan, appreciating the little things there while at the same time, spending quality time with my loved one and doing crazy things like waking up super early in the morning, just to walk on empty streets and visit the underground shopping tunnel at late night, trying to mimic the Zombie attack scene from Train to Busan movie.


Stay tuned for my next post!