Craving for IndonesianCurry Chicken and Mongolian Chicken?  

When your parents decided to have a short gateway, you brought them to the border of Negeri Sembilan that is Nilai! And first thing first, was to indulge in these few delights. 

Indonesian Curry Chicken (RM 20.00)

Comes with some greenies like long beans and cabbage to accompany this bowl of Indonesian Curry Chicken, a bowl of white rice is never sufficient. This is just too delicious! One drawback is that we have to keep scooping to get the chicken fillet as it is ‘buried’ in the curry itself.

Mongolian Chicken (RM 20.00)

Trust this is something new for many of you. I can't say if this dish brings the authentic Mongolian taste but all I know is that dish carries a tinge of black pepper, giving you an extravagant flavor when you munch it in your mouth.

Sweet Potato Leaves (RM 15.00)

For 4 adults, this portion is rather big. Like our usual stir-fry vegetables, it is good to have some greenies to balance up our diet so that we don’t feel guilty at the end of the day.

Fruits Rojak (RM 6.00)

Mum was attracted to the rojak stall and we decided to order a small plate of fruits rojak that comes mainly with guava, cucumber and fried yoo tiao as they have run out most of the other tropical fruits like pineapples. Like other fruits rojak, it’s nice to have it!

Will I come here again? Answer is yes! The Indonesian Curry Chicken and Mongolian Chicken have hooked me up.

Ambient: 3.5/5

Price: Reasonable

Food: Pork-free

Service: 3.5/5


Kedai Kopi Myzone,

No. 15, Jalan Nilai Square 1,

Nilai Square Commercial Centre,

71800 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.